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God promises to bless the one who hears, reads and heeds the words recorded in the book of Revelation, yet many people, believers included, shy away from it. In this series of readings on KDLM, we're going to Revel in Revelation. This book is actually the revelation of Jesus Christ himself, depicted in all his resurrected glory, and that is truly cause for reveling.

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The Story of Esther in the Old Testament is an inspiring story about a remarkable woman who was willing to risk her life to save her people. She was a woman of principle who was willing to put the lives of others ahead of even her own life. The story of Esther reads like a movie plot, with a beautiful queen risking her life to prevent genocide, but also speaks biblical truths that are still applicable today.

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The book of Genesis covers the most extensive period of time in all of Scripture...longer than the other books of the Bible combined! From the dawn of creation thru the death of Joseph, the 50 chapters in Genesis cover hundreds of years.

22 of the 27 books of the New Testament are letters written to believers; each of these “books” were originally written with no chapter or verse numbers. Intended to be read in one sitting, just like a letter or email, the audience would have likely gathered together, and the letter would have been read out-loud, all at once.

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There are four accounts of Jesus' life in the New Testament. The gospel according to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Matthew covers the birth, ministry, death, Resurrection of Jesus and the commission of his followers and disciples to preach the Gospel to the world.


he apostle Paul's letters to the church in Corinth came to them during a troubling time. The ancient city of Corinth was a city built on trade routes; a melting pot for for different cultures and religions including Christianity while it was still in its infancy. Misguided views and influences from Corinth's pagan roots had created division in the church Paul had established during his second missionary journey. So Paul, while on a missionary journey in Ephasis, wrote letters of teaching and encouragement to the Corinthians.


There are four accounts of Jesus' life in the New Testament: the gospel according to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Of those four, Mark's account of Jesus' ministry is the shortest and most action-packed. Some scholars like to say that Mark wrote a story, not a theological book.

28 chapters. 28 days. No meetings, no traveled required. Just you, your radio and your Bible. That's all you need for Fire in February, a month-long on-air Bible study designed to help you read the book of Acts this month.

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